Theology of Sport

How is a Christian to understand and relate to the competitive, sports world?  If Christians are called to be in the world and not of the world, then what does this mean with respect to our beliefs and practices as followers of Christ in sport? 

The apostle Paul very boldly asserts that worship for a Christian, regardless of the sphere or endeavor, is not to be pressed into the mold of thinking and acting (playing or competing) of the “pattern (or outline) of the world” (Rom. 12:1-2).  What are the patterns of the sport world that threaten to undo our allegiance to Christ and distort our message?  How is this challenge to get enacted in the sport experience of a particular sport?  What does this look like when a team is getting beat and your coach is asking you to do some questionable things, but acceptable by the larger sporting world?  Is there a way forward for a follower of Christ, or are we simply to accommodate the norms of rules of our coach, team and even the game itself?  Do Christians play any differently? 

Sports has become a 230 billion-dollar industry played by 35 million children between the ages of 3-19.  The sheer magnitude of sports deserves our attention.  Furthermore, our responsibility as God’s agents of change demands a holistic, Christian response to the issues and challenges inherent in sport.  At Athletes in Action, we are trust God for real answers to these questions.

For over 30 years, Athletes in Action staff members have equipped many college and professional athletes to compete in a way that honors God.  The following student notes and teachings from AIA's Ultimate Training Camp will help you understand sport from a Christian worldview.  By trusting God's word, we are hoping that the glory of sport will be restored for the golry of God. 

AIA Principles

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